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  • I-Box Dongle IBox Smart Dongle for South America free shipping by HKpost

I-Box Dongle IBox Smart Dongle for South America free shipping by HKpost

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      Adaptador para Receptor Digital de TV DONGLE I-BOX 
      Used for Paytv,latin amercia 
      open N2&3,Conax                    

      Open total 332 scrambel channels

      Supply 1 year warranty, fast S/W update

      To work with all current FTA model, through RS232 cable connected watch the wonderful TV CH on FTA unit.

      Operator send the decryption to the TP of the rented satellite;                   

      Dongle smart board with F-head single Tuner, put there to receive the decryption information TP.                              

      Then it will decrypt the information download to the machine, and after the corresponding line (RS232)                   

      passed through the serial port to motherboards.                          

      Motherboard through this way can decrypt the information after the encrypted broadcast program.    

      Satellite Sharing can decrypts more than 300 descramble programs.



      New i-box,New i-box dongle,New i-box FTA 

      ADAPTADOR SMART SERVE PARA SEGUINTES RECEPTORES E OS SATELITE VOCES QUE ESCOLHE VIA STAR ONE C2 70°W E AMAZONAS 61°W,Azbox evo xs,Azbox evo xl,Azbox s700b ntsc,AZPLUS CV-100,AZBOX S701B,AZBOX S710BUSB,AZBOX S720USB,AZBOX ST710BUSB,AZamerica s800,AZamerica s806,AZamerica s807,AZamerica s808,AZamerica s809,AZamerica s810,AZamerica s810B,AZamerica s812,Azamerica s900hd,Megabox 1000,Megabox TC990,Superbox S8650,Superbox s9000,MaXFLY 1000,maxfly 2000,maxfly 4000,maxfly 5000,MEGA,VISION,Megabox 1000USB,Hiperbox S710USB,......etc.



      Envio por email Manual de como proceder com a Instalao!
      -  MPEG-2 digital e inteiramente DVB-S Compliant
      -  SCPC/MCPC receivable de C banda KU ou por satélite
      -  Amigável Menu OSD com Full Function
      -  Instalao de Guia de Instalao Fácil
      -  100 Satélites, 6000 e 4000 Transponders Canais
      -  Brilhante em tela gráfica
      -  Pequena imagem no Gráfico
      -  Update Via SDX
      -  7 Grupos Favoritos e Function Lock Pais
      -  EPG,incluindo 4 dias de jejum download de dados e timer
      -  Suporta DiSEqC 1.1/1.2 e 22KHz Tone
      -  Switching 256 Color Gráfica
      -  Rápida troca de canais
      -  Super Fast 800 páginas de teletexto OSD suportados
      -  Teletexto VBI suportados
      -  Sintonizador QPSK e demodulador Alta Sensibilidade
      -  Funo Multi Timer
      -  Multi Idioma
      -  Suporte a 20 PID Audio(Language)
      -  A porta RS232 de Servio e Informaes Adicionais Software Atualizando
      -  Alimentao do LNB proteo contra sobrecarga
      -  Letter Box e Pan & Scan



      Itens Inclusos
      -  1 Receptor
      -  1 Cabo Serial DB9
      -  1 Cabo Phone Jack
      -  1 Manual



      Channel list(part):
      077     CINEMAX
      078     CINEMAX 2
      081     EUROCHANNEL
      074     HB 1
      075     FAMILY
      076     FAMILY e
      073     PLUS
      074     PLUS e
      078     HB 2
      079     MAXPRIME
      080     MAXPRIME e
      059     MEGAPIX
      058     SPACE
      057     STUDIO UNIVERSAL
      056     TCM
      062     TELECINE ACTION
      065     TELECINE CULT
      063     TELECINE LIGHT
      064     TELECINE PIPOCA
      061     TELECINE PREMIUM
      060     TNT

      083     ANIMAX
      048     AXN
      033     E!
      031     FASHION TV
      045     FOX
      032     FOX LIFE
      047     FX
      054     MANAGEMENTV
      042     MULTISHOW
      046     SCI-FI
      049     SONY
      044     THE WARNER CHANNEL
      084     VH1
      085     VH1 MEGA HITS
      089     VIVA
      090     FILM&ARTS

      120 - PFC 1
      122 - PFC 2
      123 - PFC 24h
      124 - PFC 4
      125 - PFC 5
      126 - PFC 6

      050     A&E MUNDO
      053     ANIMAL PLANET
      041     GNT
      034     PEOPLE & ARTS
      056     THE BIOGRAPHY
      057      I-SAT

      091     BOOMERANG
      090     CARTOON NETWORK
      089     DISCOVERY KIDS
      088     DISNEY
      093     DISNEY XD
      092     NICKELODEON
      094     Rá TIM BUM
      095     NICKIDS

      027     BANDSPORTS
      029     ESPN
      030     ESPN BRASIL
      028     SPEED CHANNEL
      039     SPORTV
      038     SPORTV 2

      008     FUTURA
      112     TV ESCOLA

      146     NBR
      003     SESCTV
      116     TV BRASIL
      113     TV C?MARA
      117     TV JUSTI?A
      118     TV SENADO

      110     DEUTSCHE WELLE
      106     RAI
      107     SIC
      109     TV ESPANHA
      111     TV5

      CORTESIA 2
      023     BOA VONTADE TV
      105     CANAL RURAL
      096     CAN??O NOVA
      021     MSR TV
      086     PLAY TV
      095     RIT
      019     SHOPTIME
      016     SHOPTOUR
      104     TERRA VIVA
      141     TV NOVO TEMPO

      142  GLOBO NEWS
      143  BAND NEWS
      144  CNN
      145  BBC
      146 RECORD NEWS

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